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I do not know what the transaction on my bank statement corresponds to ?

If the name Net-Secure appears on your bank statement, it is because we have debited you on behalf of a commercial web site.
Our customer support service will be able to answer all your questions regarding this transaction.

How do I recognise an Net-Secure transaction on my bank statement ?

Our transactions are discretly marked as Net-Secure. The name of the site where the purchase was made is never indicated.
If the name Net-Secure is not marked on your bank statement then this transaction does not concern us or our partner sites.

How do I cancel a subscription ?

You can cancel your subscription directly on our site by clicking on the "cancel" tab found here or via our customer support service.

I have not received an email of confirmation after having paid ?

With each transaction or purchase via our service you must indicate an email address.
Please ensure that this email address is valid and correct.

What are the general conditions of my subscription ?

The general conditions are always indicated on the payment page as well as on other pages of the web site. Not all the sites which use our payment services apply the same tarifs.
The following information must be indicated on their site : price, duration of the subscription and if the subscription is renewed automatically or not.

I have a question that is not featured here. Can I ask it ?

For all questions, remarks and suggestions regarding the Net-Secure site or our services, please contact us by filling in this form. We are here to help you!